As you know, we will discontinue the Copy Trading and Signals services effective June 1, 2022. All of that to focus on giving you more accessible, more fair access to the Social Investments.

With the use of Zignaly Profit Sharing, ALL web users get access to invest via the expertise and leverage of the world's top, vetted crypto traders — while only paying a fee on profits – with our revolutionary Profit Sharing System. Never before have consumers been able to handle their crypto investing entirely by the elite pros, while investing as little as $1 and having industry-leading account and safety protections.

We've been delighted to find that most Zignaly users choose Profit Sharing as their investment vehicle of choice (over Copy Trading and Signals), making it clear where people like you derive the best investment experience & results from Zignaly.

Copy Trading and Signal services opened a road where we had to turn to a system that allows managing risk properly, giving all users exactly the same results – without needing to pay a penny in advance. As stated in the name, "Profit Sharing" is sharing a profit with Strategy Owner when and only s/he generates Profit for service.

That's the change we are creating together with You - Our outstanding Community Members, for a better world of Decentralized Finance solutions. To give the whole world access to Social Investing with one click.

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