As our great community already knows, Copy Trading and Signal Provider services won't be offered anymore on the platform and will be removed on July 1st, 2022. Zignaly will focus on providing a better version of Profit Sharing 📈 and in our Trading Terminal.

We have collected your doubts and concerns to be clarified in this article ↓

Why is Zignaly discontinuing Copy-Trading and Service Providing services?

We want to apply our efforts and resources solely to Profit Sharing and believe that this service deserves our full attention and continuous improvement. Zignaly is moving towards a decentralized ecosystem, and these services are no longer aligned with Zignaly's core business.

What if I paid months in advance for a subscription to a service?

There are two scenarios in this situation:

  • If the payment has been made by any method outside the platform, Zignaly will not be able to intervene as it is out of our reach.

  • If the payment has been made through Zignaly -using Coinpayments- we can try to intervene and contact the trader as a form of mediation.

If I have positions open still in my dashboard by the end of June, what is going to happen with them?

Positions will be cancelled.

Don't forget to manage your coins/contracts.

How can I keep on working with one trader in particular?

Some of our great traders will switch to Profit Sharing or already did 😉

Keep an eye on the feed section of the service for news or ask your trader directly.

Will I pay a subscription in Profit Sharing?

No. This model works with a success fee. Read more about it here.

Will Hard Disconnection be added in PS 2.0?

Yes, this feature will be integrated!

What about Soft Disconnection?

We will keep it as it is.

Will be there new traders?

We invite you to regularly check out our Marketplace. For sure you will find new interesting strategies.

Why is Profit Sharing better?

There are a few reasons:

  • There is no minimum to allocate in order to participate in the strategy. You can invest from 1 USDT and see your investment grow!

  • Users do not have to worry to pay a subscription every month or lose signals because the subscription got expired.

  • When the trader operates, you operate. Forget about the settings.

  • Services in the marketplace has been handpicked by our team.

  • There will be an incredible new interface that will give you a better perspective of the traders and help you choose who you should invest with!

Will I be able to trade manually?

Absolutely! We invite you to use our Trading Terminal.

Is your question still unanswered? Contact the Support Team. We will be happy to solve the puzzle for you 💜

Are you a trader wondering why you should switch to Profit Sharing? We got you!

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