Zignaly provides rewards on its native ZIG coin as well as exciting offers from its partnerships distributed through staking pools, all of which are stored directly in the Zignaly vault.

The Zignaly Vault is a dependable and secure way to earn high interest on idle crypto assets! 💰💰💰

Staking Benefits

  • Earn high interest with competitive rates

  • Earn passive income on idle assets

  • Daily rewards

  • Variety of programs

  • Rewards start automatically, no promo codes are needed

  • Multiple coins and boost options

In this Article:

How does it work?

You stake a token with a lock-up period 🤓. For example: "Stake BNB and get NEOFI"

  • In some cases, you must maintain a specified minimum amount of ZIG coins (known as 'aside coins').

  • Locked funds (for example ZIG Coins from referral rewards) would not count towards this.

  • Rewards are calculated based on a snapshot of your balance taken 14 to 31 days prior, depending on the terms.

  • View the terms within the vault to see distribution start/end dates.

  • You will see the staked coins will be transferred out of your wallet and returned once the staking period is finished (under 'Wallet Transactions').


From your ZIG wallet, select 'All Vault offers' to view the current staking pools:

Within the list of Active Vault Offers, click on 'terms' to see the full details of each staking pool.


Here you will see the minimum balance, along with the pool start date,

which indicates when the snapshot of your balance will begin.

Vault details


Minimum balance required - The minimum amount that you need to stake.

Maximum balance - The maximum amount permitted.

Stake starts - You should deposit by this date.

Stake ends - Your staking fund will be returned on this date.

Total rewards - The guaranteed amount of rewards to be distributed.

Reward distribution starts - You will start to receive your coins after this date, not before.

Reward distribution ends - Last day Zignaly will distribute rewards to our unique users.

Rewards awarded - Distribution cycle. It may vary per vault.

Rewards calculation - Here is vital that you understand we base ourselves on a snapshot of your balance every certain amount of days.

Unstaking fees and conditions - This is where you should double-check to see if you're allowed to withdraw ZIGs before the vault's end date. You may be required to pay fees in order to withdraw.

In case you cannot find your rewards as expected, you can refer to this article for further understanding of how it works: Why am I not receiving Staking Rewards?


Can I increase my staking amount?

Absolutely yes!

Do I have to have ZIG coins in the ZIG wallet?

We may require staked ZIGs for the programs (we call these "aside coins"). They will boost your staked coins.

Can I request an early return of my coins?

You can, part of it or all of it. Please note that there is a penalty to do so in some cases. Remember it is not a general rule, it depends on the program conditions.

If I request the return, which coins will I get?

You will only be able to reduce your staked coins, not your "aside coins".

You will recover the aside coins only if you reduce all of your main staked coins completely.

What kind of conditions can I expect?

Each program will have different penalties and periods for un-staking. You will not receive the distribution coins for those coins you removed.

Some vaults won't allow un-staking; it will be mentioned in the staking terms and when you stake your coins.

How can I boost my coins?

Boosting will multiply the value of your staked coins. For example, a vault program could offer the following boosts:

5,000 ZIGs ➡️ 1.00x

15,000 ZIGs ➡️ 1.10x

30,000 ZIGs ➡️ 1.20x

This means that if a user stakes 10 XYZ, depending on the number of ZIGs that you stake, the 10 XYZ will have a greater value in the calculations for the distribution, isn't that great? 🤑

Is it possible to reduce or increase the boost?

It is possible to increase it only, not to reduce it.

What is the difference between "staked coins" and "aside coins"?

Staked coins are the coins you need to deposit and will be retained to participate in the vault.

Aside coins may be requested to participate in certain vaults.

Can locked coins be staked in this vault program?

No, locked coins can not be staked in this vault program.


"Stake BNB and get NEOFI"

Staking Period: from June 1st to June 15th

Distribution Period: from July 1st to July 15th

Reward: 15000 NEOFI (1000 NEOFI per day)

Minimum Staking Amount: 0.1 BNB and 10,000 ZIGs

Boost options:

  • 10,000 ZIGs ➡️ 1.00x

  • 50,000 ZIGs ➡️ 1.25x

  • 100,000 ZIGs ➡️ 1.50x

  • 250,000 ZIGs ➡️ 2.00x

Un-staking 'is' allowed, these options are:

  • Immediately for a 5% penalty

  • 7 days for a 0% penalty

How To Calculate APR?

🚨 In case you don't know what APR is, it is the acronym for annual percentage rate. That indicates the return, without applying compound interest to the investment, that we will have in a 1-year projection.

We have different programs in VAULT and users ask from time to time what kind of return they may expect. “APR” may look hard to decipher, but in fact, there is a simple way to calculate it.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) - Annual percentage rate (APR) refers to the yearly interest generated by a sum that's charged to borrowers or paid to investors.

How is it done?

If we have the APR is 160%, we divide it by 365 – the number of days in a year.

160/365=0.4383561643835616 - this is the APR value

Then, we need to go deeper

And look into the TERMS, for example:

Reward Distribution starts: Jun 19, 2022
Reward Distribution ends: Jul 3, 2022
Rewards awarded: Every day
Rewards calculation: Based on a snapshot of your balance taken 15 days ago

As we can see, rewards will be distributed every day for 15 days, so now we have to multiply the result of our previous equation by the number of days:

0.4383561643835616 x 15 = 6.575%

That’s the expected return the user may get 😊

So assuming that the user staked 100,000 $ZIGs into that program, s/he may expect a return of around ~6575 $ZIGs

WARNING: Since APR is changing every time that funds are added or subtracted from the VAULT, you may receive slightly more or less than initially thought. In fact, there is no way to accurately determine the rate of return with this method - but it gives a fairly good approximation, especially in the final period of staking.

✨Happy Staking!✨

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