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Do I have the minimum balance required?

Each vault offer has a minimum amount of ZIG coins to be staked in your ZIG wallet. This amount is displayed on the top third section of your wallet.


All campaigns are activated already in your account, no need to ask for activation.

For example, if you have 1600 ZIG at the moment, you will receive awards in ZIG and SHIB. SAND and MANA vaults won't work for you because the minimum is not reached.

Calculation days

The same calculation is done for all coin rewards. In this case, I will use MANA.


The Pool starts on December 12th and the Distribution on December 26th.

If you have the minimum balance required (3000 ZIG) in your ZIG wallet by December 12th, on December 26th you will receive the rewards.

Now, if you add the minimum required after December 12th - let's say the 13th - from this date, add the number of days stated in the offer (for example 14 days).
Therefore, you will receive MANA on 13+(14+1) = 28: December 28.

This is why is important you complete the minimum balance required before the pool starts, this way you won’t miss any chance to get rewards 🤑

⭐️ It applies the same to manually staking vaults. You need to participate on the date the vault starts to be able to receive your rewards on the first distribution date.

I withdrew ZIG coins but deposited them back a few days later

If you had transferred your ZIG coins out of the ZIG wallet to an external exchange, you will not receive rewards corresponding to the days when your balance was not sufficient for every offer.

Examine the following example for a better understanding 🤓

  • Your balance is 3005 ZIGs on March 1st

  • You decide to withdraw -3000 ZIGs on March 8th and deposit back on March 10th

    If the snapshot was 30 days ago, it means you will not receive the rewards on April 7th and 8th, the equivalent days for March 8th and 9th because you have only 5 ZIGs and it is below the minimum balance required.

I transferred ZIG coins to join ZIGPAD or locked-up ZIG Vaults

If you already transferred your coins to join ZIGPAD programs or you stake your coins manually, you won't receive the rewards equivalent to the time your coins are locked.

Vault details


Minimum balance required. Make sure you complete the minimum amount by the time the vault offer starts running.

Maximum balance. The maximum amount permitted.

Pool starting date. Better to have the minimum balance requested by this date.

Total rewards. Guaranteed amount of rewards to be distributed.

Rewards distribution starts. You will start to receive your coins after this date, not before.

Rewards distribution ends. Last day Zignaly will distribute rewards to our unique users.

Rewards awarded: Distribution cycle. It may vary per vault.

Rewards calculation. Here is vital that you understand we base ourselves on a snapshot of your balance every certain amount of days.

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