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Calculation days

⭐️ You need to participate on the date the vault starts to be able to receive your rewards on the first distribution date.

In this example, the Staking starts on September 1st and the Reward Distribution starts on October 1st.

If you deposit the minimum balance required (1,000 ZIG) in the Staking Pool by September 1st, on October 1st you will start to receive the rewards!

Now, if you add the minimum required after September 1st - let's say September 4th - you are 4 days late for the staking. So, you will start receiving your rewards 4 days later than the Reward Distribution date, which is October 4th.

This is why it is important to deposit when the pool starts, this way you won’t miss any chance to get rewards! 🤑

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your staking rewards, please feel free to reach out to our support team from the chat widget 💪

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