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Referees & Referrers

Referrer: The user that has already an account in Zignaly and invites people to sign-up by sharing a personal link.

Referees: The user is invited by the referrer and uses the referral link to join Zignaly.


Receive $20 worth of ZIG Coin in the newly created accounts when they deposit at least 100 USDT or more to any profit-sharing service(s).

This reward will only be applied if the $100 are allocated to services from the SAME exchange account. This means you can still invest these $100 into different services, however it must all be from the same Zignaly exchange account :)

The rewarded ZIG Coins shall be used only for the utilities inside the Zignaly platform and not withdrawn.

The referrers will permanently get 20% of all the commission generated by the referees for Zignaly.

When a referee pays the success fee for a Profit-sharing trader, 25% for example, Zignaly will take 5%. The referrers will receive 20% of the 5% shared with Zignaly by the coins the referees choose to pay fees.

How does it work?

  • For Referrers

    Referrers must share a personal link that is already created in your Zignaly account. It is really easy to find.

    1. Click on the user icon on the top right of your dashboard and select "Invite a Friend"

    2. A pop-up window will give you a personalized link that you can send to your friends 🎉


    If the referee user pays the success fee in ZIGs, then the referrer user will get his commission in ZIG, and he or she will be able to see this in the ZIG wallet section, with the concept "Referrer Commission".
    If the referee user doesn't pay the success fee in ZIGs, then the referrer user will get his/her commission in the QUOTE (USDT or BTC) used by the service your friend allocated funds in, directly in their Zignaly Exchange wallet balance.

    For Referees

    1. Once your friend has shared the referral link with you is very important that you use it for registration.
    If you fail to use it, neither of you will be receiving the benefits of the program.
    Just copy and paste it into your browser search bar.

    2. Complete the registration form

    💡 Remember, you will receive $20 worth of ZIG once you have allocated 100 USDT in any Profit Sharing service.
    We welcome you to take a look at your Profit-Sharing guides, just click here.

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