Zignaly allows you to use ZIG Coins for Trading Fee Rebates in Profit Sharing services, Zignaly Vault, and in the future, you will be able to use it for NFT Based trading insurance. By having all these options, you can choose in which wallet you want to hold these cryptocurrencies and move them if you need to. To do so, you must understand how to withdraw ZIG Coins.

Rewards cannot be withdrawn but you can use them for Zignaly utilities (except Vault rewards)

Steps to withdraw ZIG coins from your ZIG wallet

  1. Select your ZIG Wallet in the top right corner of your dashboard

  2. Click on the Withdraw button in the first section of the wallet

  3. Select the network of your choice, Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.
    *when a network is disabled, we will let you know

    Right after, a new tab will open with the information of the destination (it's best to keep both tabs open)

  4. Paste the ZIG coin address -that you have copied from your recipient wallet- into the address section

  5. Key the number of coins you would like to withdraw
    *If you click on the MAX button, it will automatically place the maximum amount available.

  6. Double-check all the data you have introduced, this step is important!

  7. ZIG wallet - flat fees
    Zignaly applies flat fees using ZIG coins for all withdrawals from your ZIG wallet.

    The flat fees for each of the networks are:

    • BSC -> 15 ZIGs

    • ERC-20 -> 500 ZIGs

    • Polygon -> 5 ZIGs

    This flat rate is applied to any amount that you withdraw.

    This means that if you withdraw 4000 ZIGs using the BSC network,
    you will pay the network fees in ZIG coin at a flat rate of 15 ZIGs.
    In this scenario, you would receive 3985 ZIGs.

  8. After you have confirmed your transfer,
    a pop-up will appear stating that your withdrawal is has been sent

    You can check the status of the transaction under 'Wallet Transactions'
    *it may take a minute or two to show

    That is it! The process is similar to the usual withdrawal in the Zignaly exchange,
    but this process needs to be done from your ZIG wallet 😉

Due to security reasons and protection measures, please note that:

🆇 Some transactions will require confirmation from your side, please contact Support if the transaction remains with the status "In Progress".

🆇 If you try to withdraw more than 3 times in less than 15 minutes, the system may not complete its operations and could block your withdraw address. Please allow a little more time between transactions.

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