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It is now easier - and KYC free! - to buy ZIG coins instantly. You will need a Zignaly account and USDT available for your purchase💰

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Where and how to buy ZIG?

  1. Open your ZIG wallet and click on the BUY ZIG button.

  2. Select the exchange where your USDT is available. The maximum amount to buy with us will be 5000 USDT.

    If you do not have USDT, we will offer two ways to get it. Either deposit or buy USDT through a third party. It is up to you.

  3. Once you have enough USDT to complete a purchase, you will need to select the wallet, the amount and swap the USDT amount for ZIG. Rate will be displayed at the moment you are doing this process.

  4. All the details from this transaction will appear in your "Buy ZIG" report.

Important 💡

  • The minimum amount you can swap is 10 USDT, maximum will be 5000 USDT.

  • All ZIG coins obtained by this method can be used for platform utilities and can also be withdrawn.

  • Don't forget that you can use the "Convert" function, switch other coins for USDT and then do the swap for ZIG. Only available for Spot wallets.

  • If you prefer to purchase ZIG from an exchange, please take a look at this guide

Video tutorial

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