This wallet integration is the first of many steps towards benefiting the community. Former and new users will be able to see the wallet on the top right corner of their dashboard.


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What are Zig coins?

ZIG is the token that powers the Zignaly ecosystem.

To find the main information related to ZIG in one place, please visit this site.
You will find information such as Token Distribution, Investors, Insurance Protocol and others.

Wallet Introduction

When clicking on this wallet, you will be able to see three sections of it. In the first section you will visualize:

  • Your total ZIG balance

  • Buy ZIG button, where you can buy ZIG fast and easy in Zignaly.

  • Exchanges where you can buy ZIG: Ascendex , MEXC and in the Deposit button

  • Withdraw button.


⚠️ ZIG wallet vs Zignaly exchange

Your exchange account is different from your ZIG wallet. Please note that the ZIG wallet is used exclusively for ZIG coins. Do not send different coins to this wallet, you might lose your assets (except for the ones that we have staking campaigns for.)

Rewards and Savings

This is the second section of your new wallet.

You will be able to pay success fees with a discount. To make this functionality work in your account, please enable the option and that is it! You will now enjoy your discount of 6% when paying success fees.

For more, please check this article.


ZIG Staking and Partner Vaults

On the third section of your wallet, you will see available staking projects and the ZIGPad section.


By simply staking ZIG coins, you can earn rewards in ZIG and other crypto projects, get ready! 🥳

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