We are beyond excited to announce the ZIGPad! ✨

You are about to find all the essential information to start subscribing in our pre-sales and within great projects we will offer you.

In this article:

Introduction to the ZIGPad

ZIG holders, Zignaly presents to you our newest ZIG wallet addition: the ZIGPad.

The ZIGPad will allow you to subscribe the pre-sale of brilliant projects through tokenization.

This is a very common way for investors to find projects. The exposure and analysis presented are vital for the evaluation of the project and thus raise capital.

If you are around when the project is in its early stages, you get access to the initial price offer before anyone else, being able to make big profits as the project grows. It's as simple as that.

Video Tutorial

Where to find it

It's already added and activated in your ZIG wallet. Just select it at the top right of the dashboard and it will be located below the Staking Vaults offers. It has similar handling.

Discovering all projects

Here, we get into the project selection 🏁

We will present you a list of all released projects, divided into active and past ones.
Click either on Details or Pledge for a displayed page with information, characteristics, and a structure of it.


The displayed page will contain:

Description and category of the project

All social media associated, along with a website and its whitepaper

Subscription Info, which includes: price of the token, number of tokens offered, and the minimum and maximum contribution to the project


  • The price of the token will be fixed in USDT and will not fluctuate until the offer is finished

  • The payment is made in ZIG coins at the exchange rate and at the moment the "Calculation Period" starts


The next section of the offer is the timeline and it will be divided into 4 stages:

  1. Get Ready: We will inform the launch of the project so you can prepare for it (deposit or buy ZIG coins). Countdown included!

  2. Subscription Period: You can now pledge in the project. Remember there is a minimum investment per offer, make sure you have ZIG coins available.

  3. Calculation Period: The calculation of the pool distribution will start.
    Your ZIG coins will be deducted. If in this period, the project overpasses the maximum amount of ZIG coins possible, the unused tokens will be automatically returned to your ZIG wallet.

  4. Distribution Period: Tokens won't be received right away after the deduction of your ZIG. All tokens will be distributed during the established period.

Let us exemplify the process

Mark is interested in investing in the First Launchpad project (Project X: "PJX"), the price is 1 PJX= 1 USDT. And the amount of PJX in the offer is 1.000.000, which means that the maximum amount that will be raised is 1.000.000 USDT, which at the time of conversion are 10.000.000 Zigcoins.

Mark deposits 100.000 ZIG coins in the Subscription Period, but at the end of this stage, there are 20.000.000 Zigcoins in the Zigpad Pool. That is, twice as much as was intended

In this case, Mark will only have a 0.5% share of the pool and will be able to buy PJX worth 50,000 Zigcoins, in other words, his share of the pool (0.5%) * the maximum amount of Zigcoins possible (10,000,000).
Mark had deposited 100.000 Zigcoins, but he only spent half of it, the remaining 50.000 Zigcoins are returned to his Wallet.

Key features and Highlights

If you are in doubt, this section might help you determine your decision! 😉
You will be able to find an amazing summary of information, attributes, and components available for this offer.

Tokenomics and Token Distribution

💡 Tokenomics refers to the qualities of a token. These should help you seize the functionality and objectives and may vary depending on the designated tokenomics per offer.

Rules and Disclaimer

Both sections must be read and agreed upon properly.

ZIGPad rules are explicitly explained in this section, please review them carefully.

To ensure a fair sale and allocation, we have designed the ZIGPad subscription format to give out a proportional allocation, in case of oversubscription. Users can pledge an amount of ZIG towards a token sale, where their final allocation of the new token is determined by the ratio of their pledged ZIG against the total pledged ZIG by all participating users. The initial calculation of each participant’s final token allocation is:

(Individual ‘Pledged ZIG / Total pledged ZIG by all participants) * Total VI tokens to be sold on ZIGPad’

The disclaimer is a crucial part to be aware of before investing. We highly recommend being cautious and reaching us in case something is not clear for you. Restrictions by country will be also displayed as part of the disclaimer, we suggest to do your own research as well if you are in doubt.

Remember that Zignaly does not offer financial advice of any kind and all investments are subject to high risk. Decisions taken by Zignaly are final and can't be changed or challenged.


💡 Wanna know more? Go to our Medium article.

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