Why can't I Pledge in the project?

There are two reasons not to see the Pledge button ready to function:

  • The Subscription Period has not started yet
    Before the start date, the button will not be enabled and you will see the quote "Get Ready" on it


    To know exactly which date you can pledge in any of our great projects, just click on the 'Details' section of the offer and look for the countdown and starting date.

  • The Subscription Period is over
    The subscription period came to an end. The Calculation Period has started or we are already distributing the token of the project. You will see any of the following announcements:


    *If you missed our last project, no worries! We invite you to check the ZIGPad often (and our social media!) to participate in our next pre-sale! 😉

Important: Do not forget to confirm your pledge. Skipping this step won't guarantee your participation in the project.

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