Delete a Profit-Sharing service.

Important! Profit-Sharing services are kept on record for future reference (based on our Trader Rules), and cannot be deleted unless the service has only been used for testing purposes.

If you no longer wish to run your service, please close any remaining open positions and inform any connected users of your intentions in the 'Feed' section of your service.
At this point, you may change the visibility of your service to: 'Listed in profile'

A service can only be deleted if it is non-public & non-listed and only used for testing purposes.
To request this please contact Support & share the link of your service.

We will review a few aspects of your service;

  1. The service was at most used for testing, we won't delete services with bad results. These are manually reviewed, the decision will be taken under our criteria.

  2. If the service has connected copiers/followers, it cannot be deleted.

  3. For PS services, the available balance must be 0.

  4. There are no pending Orders or Contracts (please close them all in the Management tab before submitting the request).

    If you experience any issues please contact Support.

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