Understand your service profile page and get to know how to manage it in a better presentation.

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This is the main page where the users see your information.

About us: This is the section you can share with your users about your experience and ability in trading. The more details you provide, the better the users can understand and trust your service to invest.

Strategy: This is the most important area. The method you apply to make your positions. You can consider answering these questions to get an idea of what you should write:

-> How long do you usually hold?

-> What type of coins do you prefer to trade and why?

-> Who are we: your name or your team's name.

-Social Media: You need to put in the contacts that your followers can reach you easily whenever they have any concerns. So they will not leave you for those misunderstandings.

Performance overview: Positions and allocated balance data show in a small chart here. This is for the users can get an idea of how you perform according to your described strategy and whether that strategy works well. The information is withdrawn from the Analytics tab.

To be able to put in the information, you need to work on your Edit tab.



To gain a clearer view of your service, the Analytics tab shows them

  • how good you are in trading with weekly performance.

  • how many users start or stop following you per week.

  • the number of positions you open/ close.

  • the time you're holding the coins whether they reflect your strategies.

  • the time you start trading and how much have you earned or lost since then.



The values reflected in the Closed Positions tab here are calculated on the total balance, and not on the capital invested in the position, as shown in the dashboard. That is, if a profit of 0.1% was obtained on a position, it means that the profit of the whole account was 0.1%.

Please note that this section is only for users to follow up with your open and closed positions. You must visit your exchange account Dashboard -> Positions to manage your positions.



This feature is one of the best choices to push your service. We recommend you work on your feed to build trustworthiness.

It is a way you communicate with users. You can notify updates, answer questions on strategy or solve some possible concerns. By then, you can avoid them stop copying your service for some unclear information.

The users should enable their notifications to get your announcements on the feed.



In your Edit tab, you can key in the information that displays to your followers. All the information here needs to be filled in before approval to be listed in the marketplace.

For a profit-sharing service, you are required to notify any connected users prior to any modification of your success fee % rate.

In this case, you must 1. close all currently open positions 2. post on your ‘feed’ section a notification of these future changes and a date it will be applied. (giving ample time for users to be notified)This will allow users to disconnect if they do not wish to continue.

In a copy-trading or signal provider services, you will need to re-introduce the IPN Secret for modifications.

Remember to click Save after any adjustments ^^~

Important: This Signal URL should not be shared with anyone

If a support member asks for your service URL, we mean for this browser link: https://zignaly.com/app/profitSharing/6000e8fbc37xxxxxxx


There are some differences among services in this section.

  • For copy-trading and signal provider services:


A provider manages the users' subscription after checking the payments via Coinpayment's wallet. You are able to "Cancel the subscription" of a person or "Modify their subscription time".

This feature is good to know, especially when a user gets an Expired warning. For copy-trading service, this is also useful to know users' allocated funds to see if they are too low or high.

  • For profit-sharing service:


Profit-sharing service owners do not have the same 'users' view management.

Yet, it is still good for you to check the Retain to answer some questions related to PnL.


Last but not least, the Management tab is the place you should keep your eyes on often. It provides knowledge and controls your allocated funds, followers' positions, coins, or contracts.

  • Profit-sharing Spot:


You might need to notice any available Orders without position ID. Those might take up your funds that cause insufficient balance errors.

One special section in this management tab is Coins. Your wallet balance might reflect the value of all the coins you're having that the moment. You need to check "Coins" to see whether you still have enough funds to open new positions.

  • Profit-sharing Futures:


In the Futures services, you should close any open contracts without position IDs. It helps to avoid miscalculating positions.

  • Copy-trading service


Copy-trading services allow users to copy your positions. Thus, you need to control your followers' positions along with yours.

In this tab, you can support closing positions for certain users.

We hope this article can help you to understand more about how to work on your service.

For more information, check out our complete Service Management Guide

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