Guide to sending signals for Service Providers

Zignaly accepts different types of signals, and also, different ways to send them.
Before sending any signal, you need to Create a Profit-sharing service

Zignaly has 3 different integrations for Sending Signals


Send Signals by Email

EMAIL signals

Signals can be sent directly through your email account by entering your signal syntax and sending an email to signals (at) zignaly (dot) email

API: endpoint GET

Using the Get method you need to add the parameters to the URL

API: endpoint POST

API signals

For GET method, you need to add the signal parameters to the URL. If you enter this into your browser address bar, it will send a signal automatically. The

GET method is less secure than POST because the parameters (including your secret key) are in the URL visible to everybody that can intercept it.

The parameters will be sent as post data instead of URL parameters

TradingView Integration Webhook

Connect your TradingView account with Zignaly


Link your TradingView account to Zignaly using the Webhook URL option in your Trading View alert box. Set up alerts to activate your signals and automatically open positions on Zignaly. You can also apply tradingview strategy integrations & scripts

Click on an integration method below to send your Signals to Zignaly:

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