What is a Service Provider?

A Service Provider is what we refer to as a trader who has signed up on Zignaly to allow other users to replicate their trades by providing a Profit Sharing service.

There are two ways you will find a service in particular, either:

You find it in the marketplace

Zignaly has reviewed this service before its listing. The strategy has been reviewed and has started trading before being on the marketplace.

It is under our supervision, however we highly recommend studying the strategy and diversifying your portfolio.
Need more info? Please read this article.

The link was provided to you by the trader himself/herself or was found in any channel related with the trader.

Please note that following a service that is not listed on the marketplace is at your own risk. It has not been reviewed by any of the team nor follows our rules. Zignaly does not intervene in this type of services.

Contact Support if you have any questions, you are just one click away from talking to us 😉

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