At Zignaly we believe that we can offer much more to traders in the community than just providing support or adding new features. That is why we have created a Service Management Guide, which we have separated into 5 chapters.

Each of them provides relevant information on each of the 5 aspects that Zignaly considers key for a Profit Sharing service to reach its full potential. In this guide, you will have tips on what users find interesting when they choose a provider, what they expect, some advice on how to avoid problems in your service and we share our experience of what we have learned so far from the feedback of all Marketplace users.

Chapter 1: Best practices.

In it you will find recommendations on how to manage your followers, how to get the most out of your profile and all the information in it. Remember that this is the best way to transmit confidence to your followers, and this is key if you want to grow in the Marketplace. Continue to Chapter 1: Best practices.

Chapter 2: Communicating with your followers.

Here you will find the best ways to communicate with your followers from our point of view and what to tell them in each situation. Also the most frequent and most used methods by the users.

Remember that if you communicate with them, they will appreciate it and you will be able to make them loyal to your services. The quality of services is increasing and each provider must seek to differentiate itself from the rest if it really wants to stand out. Continue to Chapter 2: Communicating with your followers.

Chapter 3: Taking care of the service.

When you create a Profit Sharing service you have to be aware of multiple things, such as possible phantom positions, unexecuted orders, and other rare events that could affect your service. In this chapter, we explain step by step how to anticipate this and how you should act in each situation. Remember, none of this is a frequent event, but it is preferable that if it happens to you, you know how to identify it and how you should act. Continue to Chapter 3: Taking care of the service.

Chapter 4: Binance Trading Rules.

This chapter will help you to finish understanding the Binance Trading Rules and how they can affect your service or your strategy. Especially if your service is starting to grow and you are affected by these limits or if your service is just starting and you need to adjust the size of your positions based on the minimum capital.

Whatever the case, these rules are external to Zignaly and it is best to anticipate any type of situation. Continue to Chapter 4: Binance Trading Rules.

Chapter 5: Success Fee.

Do you have doubts about whether the Success Fee you have in your service is correct, or if you could earn more if you raise or lower it? In this chapter, we explain, based on our experience with the services listed in the Marketplace, what factors you should take into account, as many services are then forced to modify their Success Fees to attract new followers, or to limit the large amount of audience they are getting. Continue to Chapter 5: Success Fee.

We plan to add chapters in the future that will allow us to give additional tools to all traders in the community so that they can reach their full potential within our platform.

Chapter 6: Delisted Coin.

In this section, we explain what should be done in cases where a currency or a pair is delisted or if there is a renaming of any currency with which you are operating.

We give you the necessary tools so that you know what you should do and how you can anticipate it. We detail what should be done in each of the different types of services that we offer on our platform and some consequences of what could happen if we are not attentive to it. Continue to Chapter 6: Delisted Coin.

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