Position Created In DB.

We have received a signal (from an external provider or a manual buy) and a position has been created in the DB.


Buy Created On Exchange.

The buy order has been sent to the exchange and the system is waiting for it to be filled.


Buy Creation On Exchange Failed.

The system failed when creating the order in the exchange.


Buy Not Place Because TTL.

The indicated time in the signal or the time it took to process was too long that it reached your Entry Order Expiration limit.


Buy Removed From Exchange Because TTL.

The buying order was not completed in your configured Entry Order Expiration option.


Current Price Below Min Price.

Your bidding price is below the allowed bidding price for the exchange.


Price Too Low.


Order would trigger immediately.


Unknown Error.

please contact support


Buy Performed.

The buy order has been performed and the position is ready.


Unknown Error.

please contact support


Canceled by User.

The user canceled the placed order directly in the exchange.


No Minimal Amount.

Below the minimum required to perform this trade,
you will need to increase the size of your position.

The minimum amount varies on Binance, here is their requirement:

If this is a position from a copytrader, the position size percentage is set too small to open a position from your allocated amount. Contact your provider to inform them or increase your allocated amount.


Stop Loss Placed.

stop-loss order has been placed on the exchange


Take Profit Placed.

take-profit order has been placed on the exchange


Trailing Stop Placed.


Stop Loss Ended.

The position ended because the stop loss was triggered.


Take Profit Ended.

The position ended because all take profits targets were completed.


Trailing Stop Ended.

The position ended because the distance between the recent high price and the current price (when the position was closed), was below your configured distance.


Unknown Stop Ended.


Stop Loss Price would be under minimum amount.

The stop-loss price is defined by applying your stop-loss percentage to your buying price. If applying this stop-loss price to the amount of bought coins results in an investment below the minimum allowed by the exchange, you will see this error.

For example, you bought MANA at 0.000054, investing 0.0015 BTC, which gives you almost 28 MANAs. You place a stop loss of 50%, resulting in a stop-loss price of 0.000027. If you try to sell 28 MANAs at 0.00027, this will a sell of 0.000756 BTC, which is below the minimum allowed by the exchange.


Market Order Placed.

A market order has been sent to the exchange.


Market Order Ended.

The position ended because the market order was filled.


Updating Position.

The position is being updated, maybe because is recalculating the parameters after a rebuy, or because there was a trailing stop triggered... etc.


Account has insufficient balance.

Your account doesn't have enough balance for buying or sell the selected amount.
This error is being sent directly from the exchange, be sure to double-check that you do not have any
locked funds in open-orders.


Buy Performed with Stop Loss disabled.


Buy only position. Buy performed successfully.


Selling by TTL with Stop Loss Placed.


Waiting for Take Profit Trigger.


Selling by TTL without Stop Loss Placed.


Sold by TTL.

The position has been sold because it took longer than what you had configured in your Time Based Autoclose option.


Waiting for Sell by TTL Signal.


Wrong Key/Secret pair for Exchange.

The provided API key/secret is wrong or revoked. Update them in your settings.


Error placing the Take Profit order.

The system found an error when trying to place the take profit orders.


Missing buy Order in position.


Sold Manually.

The user sold the position manually inside Zignaly.


Order partially filled but notional value is below minimal order value.

The buying order was removed from the exchange but was partially filled. The filled amount is below the operational amount.


The selling balance is lower than registered.

The numbers from the position don't match what is in your balance account. Maybe you sold it directly in the exchange.


The buying notional value is below minimal order value.

The bidding buying price is below the minimum allowed price by the exchange.


The selling target amount would be less than the allowed minimum order value.

If you split your position size (investment) between different take profits targets and any of them is below the minimum order value (0.0015BTC), you will see this error.

Also, if you are accepting take profits values from the provider's signal, and the target amount (position size / number of targets) is lower than 0.0015 BTC you will see this error.

This error could also appear when a limit order does not meet the Binance Limit Order Price Cap / Floor Ratio rules: https://www.binance.com/en/futures/trading-rules/perpetual/


Sold by Signal.

A sell signal arrives for this position.


Buy order canceled manually.

When the position is still entering and the user has canceled the entry order manually in Zignaly.


A stop-Limit buy order needs a stop price.


Maximum concurrent positions reached for this provider.

Check your Max Concurrent Positions settings, inside your provider configuration, if you want to allow more positions.


Daily volume for this market is below your allowed for this provider.

Check your Minimum Volume setting, inside your provider configuration, if you want to modify it.


The number of positions for this market has reached your limit for this provider.

Check your Limit Positions per Market, inside the provider configuration, if you want to allow more.


The provided signalId has already been used and your configuration doesn't allow duplicate Ids.

The signal IDs should to be unique, but if you need to reuse them, and the provider allows it, you can allow it from the provider options.


There is an active position for this provider with the provided signalId.

Even when you allow to reuse signal IDs, there can't be two open positions with the same signal ID at the same time.


You need to upgrade your membership in order to continue using this service.

Your trial is over or you need to renew your membership.


The signal was sent for a term that you don't allow.

The signal contained a term parameter and its value wasn't allowed by your configuration. Check the provider's options if you want to modify it.


You need to pay the provider in order to use its signals.

This is a premium provider and you need to pay it in order to use it.

If you see this error with MiningHamster provider, be sure that you have configured our Bot Customer Key in your MiningHamster dashboard, as it's explaining in the MiningHamster Integration guide.


The signal risk level is above your setting value.

If you want to allow riskier signals, increase this value in the provider options.


Base currency not supported by your configuration.

Check your general settings or provider settings and be sure that you have checked the base currency that you want to trade.
If you would like future positons to open in this currency, you need to set the position size balance amount of % or # in your settings of the signal provider.


Blacklisted pair for this provider.

You have blacklisted the given pair on your provider's settings. Remove it from there if you want to accept signals for this pair/market.


Manually Canceled.

You have clicked in the "Cancel" button for this position, so the position has been removed without selling your coins, it just has been removed from Zignaly management.


The position size doesn't cover your number of take profit targets.

The system divides your position size between the number of targets. If this number is lower than the minimum selling amount, then you will get his error.

This happens because your position size is too small or you have too many take profit targets. Change one of them and you won't see this error again.


Price above or below allowed by the exchange.

Your order is set above or below the Order price cap/floor ratio set by the exchange. Set your order closer to the mark price in order to solve this issue.

Price Cap/Floor Ratio for Binance:


No settings for this provider.

You need to configure the settings for this provider. Go to the provider view, and configure the settings tab.


Global maximum concurrent positions reached.

Check your Max Concurrent Positions settings, in your global configuration, if you want to allow more positions.


Daily volume for this market is below your allowed from your global settings.

Check your Minimum Volume setting, in your global configuration, if you want to modify it.


The number of positions for this market has reached your global limit.

Check your Limit Positions per Market, in your global configuration, if you want to allow more.


Global blacklisted pair.

You have blacklisted the given pair in your global settings. Remove it if you want to accept signals for this pair/market.


The pair isn't in your whitelist for this provider.

You can enable the whitelist option inside the provider's settings and the pair/market from this signal isn't included there.


The pair isn't in your global whitelist.

You can enable the whitelist option inside the global's settings, currently, the pair/market from this signal isn't included. there.


Delisted or marked for delist coin.

The selected coin/token no longer exist or will cease to exist soon. Trading is disabled for this pair.


You need to accept the provider's disclaimer.

acceptance of the disclaimer is needed before receiving signals


Order expired.


Your current tier for this provider doesn't allow this position size.


Position sold by panic sell signal.

You have accepted panic exit signals in the options of your Signal provider


Import failed creating fake order or trade.


The success rate from the signal is below your allowed configuration.

The signal has a success rate below the % value you have entered into your Signal Provider options



No keys when trying to open the position


Remaining amount below minimum for selling.

Under the minimum trade size set by the exchange:
If this is not a Copytrading position, you can increase your position size to be able to sell these coins:
Increase position size


Position partially filled below the minimum allowed for selling.

You must increase the position size.


The position size is bigger than the remaining allocated balance

There are not enough funds available from the allocated balance to open this position. This happens when a provider send too many signals (ex: 11 positions of 10% each) or if you recently reduced the allocated amount while there were open positions, (total in open positions might be larger then the allocated amount)


You need to set your balance before using this copy trading provider.

It is mandatory to set an Allocated Amount in order to start a copy trading service.


Just for testing.


Buy not placed after a certain amount of time


positionSizeQuote doesn't match the copy trading provider quote.

  • The positionSizeQuote must match the Quote used by the provider.

Ex: ETH/BTC-BTC provider

BTC/USDT-USDT provider

You should check your "pair" parameter when sending your signals.

  • You forget your "positionSizePercentage" parameter.


Your API key/secret pair doesn't have permission for this action.

Please verify your API setting on the exchange and adjust your trading permission.


QTY is over the symbol's maximum QTY.

Your position size is over the maximum allowed by the exchange.

Position size limit for Binance Futures:


The configured exchange is not a Futures exchange.

You need to connect a Futures exchange to open that position.

Connect your Binance FUTURES Account
Quick Start Guide


The symbol from this signal doesn't exist in the exchange that you have configured.

The pair selected to open this position is not found on the exchange.


A position already exists for this market in this exchange account.

Only 1 position per pair is allowed when trading Futures.


Margin is insufficient.

Your current available funds do not cover the required margin to open that position. Try adding funds or closing open positions/orders to solve this issue.


Your subscription to this service has been suspended by the service's provider.

The service provider suspended your subscription. Please contact the provider for more details.


The exchange responded that the position was no longer opened, so it couldn't be reduced.

The position no longer exists on the exchange. This may be due to a manual closing of the position on the exchange or liquidation of that position.


Leverage tokens are not enabled in your account.

This is only available to Binance wallets. You will need to enable Leverage token trading in your Binance account.


The configured exchange and or exchange type, does not match the one from the signal.

The signal was sent for a specific exchange and type, for example: let's say KuCoin or Futures
and your configuration was set for Binance / spot

It is not meant to be an error just as a notification as to why this signal did not open


The current service does not allow clones.

Clones are deactivated by the provider.


The exchange attached to this position is no longer connected to your account.

Please check your exchange account settings, If you have deleted this exchange account from Zignaly, you must go directly on the exchange to manage this position.


The balance between the position and the contract does not match.


Hedge mode not supported

Hedge mode is not supported, Only 1 position per pair is allowed.


KuCoin Exchange temporarily suspended.

KuCoin services are currently suspended, try again later.


The exchange did not return an orderID.


Exceeded the maximum allowable position at current leverage

The maximum amount of leverage available for users depends on the notional value of their position. Generally, the larger the position, the lower the leverage allowed. Thus, initial margin deposits are calculated using the leverage selected by the trader.

For example: At 100X, the maximum is 250,000$. In that case, the maximum investment is 2500$ at 100X. You will get error 95 if your invested equity exceeds 2500$.

Find all the maximum allowed by coins and leverage levels in this Binance article:

Leverage and Margin


Hedge mode not supported yet.

Please disable hedge fund mode on Binance, Zignaly does not support this yet


Position reduced to zero

This means that the position was completely exited. This is status is granted when the position is exited using the reduce position size functionality, which in turn is another form of exit order


This action is disabled on this account, check the exchange for more info


Unknown Error, Pending Review.

Please contact support


Amount over maximum allowed by the Exchange


Position liquidated

When the user uses futures and leverage, there will be a liquidation price point, if the trade goes past the liquidation price, the order will be canceled and using cross margin (zignaly is using cross margin) in order to pay the loss to your contracts they can take from your other positions (even if they are in positive). That´s why users can see a few of trades closed by "Position liquidated" at the same time.

Liquidation occurs when Mark Price hits the liquidation price of a position. Traders are advised to pay close attention to the movement of Mark Price and the liquidation price to avoid an open position being liquidated. >from Binance article: Liquidation Protocol
Also, see How to Calculate Liquidation Price of USDⓈ-M Futures Contracts


API keys do not have the right permissions

Your API keys do not have the right permissions, please choose "order" instead of "order cancel" directly on the Bitmex exchange when creating your API keys.
This may also result if you have not completed your KYC information


There is an existing contract for the given market, please review it before opening a new one

Please review this explanation: Position Status 103


Position side (LONG|SHORT) is not allowed in your configuration

In the Signal Provider settings, you can choose to accept only short or long positions (or both if disabling)


Canceled according to the order type's rules

The error 105 is set when the order is sent to the exchange and, for some reason, the exchange cancels the order (expired order). It usually happens because of 3 reasons:

1. Your limit order expired because the limit price was not met until the end of the day.

2. It is because there wasn’t enough volume to fill the order when their limit order is reached (most potential reason).

3. Your limit order expired because the limit price was not met for an odd lot.


Market Expired.


Demo trading has been disabled temporarily, it will be re-enabled soon


Service Account has been liquidated

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