How can I sell coins from the trading terminal?
(example using ETH / USDT)

To do a sell operation, say if you are holding Ethereum coins and wish to exchange them into USDT,
you will need to use the import function.

  1. On the Trading Terminal select the pair (ETH/USDT)

  2. Under Entry Strategy, select 'Import from Exchange':


  3. Enter the amount of ETH that you would like to sell
    (You don't need to configure anything else)

  4. Select 'Open Position'

  5. Once the position has opened, to sell your ETH click the arrow icon labeled 'exit position':


    It will convert the imported ETH into USDT

NOTE: This feature only works with the Spot exchange account. If you want to sell any coins, such as BNB, in Futures exchange, you need to Transfer your funds to Spot and sell it. It's because Futures exchanges work with contracts and are unable to buy/sell coins.

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