Why is my balance appearing as Negative?

If you have placed orders directly on your Binance exchange account, they wont be accounted for inside of Zignaly, which may result in your balance being displayed this way!

If this is not the case and there are no open positions in your dashboard, and your balance is still displaying as negative, please check your 'contracts' in your exchange account.

To view open orders or futures contracts on your Zignaly Exchange account,
go to ‘My exchange account’.

Once in your Zignaly exchange account select Orders:

Here you can view or cancel your orders:

If you see open orders or contracts that you would like to cancel, please review this following article for further instructions: Orders, Contracts & Import Coins

Position closed with profit but shown as a loss?

First, make sure you are paying fees with BNB to obtain a discount. Remember that if you don't do this, the fees could consume and kill the profits if they are small amounts!

The second thing to review is this article 'here'. It will explain why the net profit is displaying as negative, when the position was in profit.

Profit-Sharing services cannot pay fees with BNB. It is disabled at the moment. We are working on a new version of Profit-Sharing that will give more freedom for managing the account as you wish. We expect to have it ready very soon!

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