Available balance in Zignaly account

Spot - Available balance displays the value of all available coins in your balance in USDT or BTC.

The coins will not be included in the Available balance if they are locked for trading, such as in Take profit and DCA orders.

Futures contracts are similar to spot exchange accounts. Any coins that are locked for orders or open contracts will be excluded from the Available balance.

A position can be removed while the contract remains open. This is why, when there is an open contract but no position, your balance may be negative at times.

To view open orders or futures contracts on your Zignaly Exchange account,
go to ‘My exchange account’.

Once in your Zignaly exchange account select Orders:

Here you can view or cancel your orders:

If you see open orders or contracts that you would like to cancel, please review the following article for further instructions: Orders, Contracts & Import Coins

Available balance in a Profit-sharing service - you have funds in the service but you cannot use it

In Profit Sharing, what we take into account is the most critical % available.

For example:
Let's say 3 users are connected to a service. Each of them has 100 USDT (so the total in the service is 300 USDT). The trader opens a position investing 40% of the allocated balance (120 USDT in total - each of them has invested 40 USDT). So the available balance is 180 USDT.

Later, a new user invests in the service 200 USDT. So, at this moment, we have 180 USDT + 200 USDT = 380 USDT from 500 USDT in the service balance, but, still the available is gonna be 60%.

This is due to the fact that the first three users can only invest 60% of their available funds, and this is the limit for the entire service because all users invest the same percentage in the new positions.

In futures trading, because part of the capital is used for margin, it is also not possible to open positions for 100% of the account. Thus, even if the availability is 60%, the margin used to maintain those positions is deducted from that capital. The margin used for positions varies depending on the pair, the size of the position, the leverage used, and the account size.

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