How to Sync your balance
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If you can see the deposit marked as "OK" in the deposit section but it is not displayed in the balance, it means it might take a couple of hours to show. No worries! Your funds are safe 🤝

Please note that the top balance display will update periodically throughout the day.

To update your balance in real-time use the ‘Sync Balance’ button on the dashboard balance page.


Please consider

  • If you are making a deposit to a FUTURES wallet, it takes more time to display in your balance. Only BUSD, USDT and BNB can be deposited in your FUTURES wallet. Do not send other coins to this exchange to avoid losses.

    We recommend to always have funds ready in the exchange, in case you want to benefit from the market at any time, be prepared! 😉

  • If your are making a deposit to a SPOT wallet, it won't take much time other than the normal blockchain times.
    You can transfer from SPOT to FUTURES, this will be immediately displayed. It is way faster this way!

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