Please ensure the following is done before deleting your exchange account:

  • Check that you don’t have any open positions, and if you have, please close them.

  • If you follow any provider services, please disconnect from them.

  • If this is a Zignaly exchange account and you have funds,
    please withdraw these coins into an external wallet.

🛑Important: If you used this exchange to create and connect to a Profit-sharing service to trade, then when you delete it, the service is also disabled. You can no longer use another Zignaly exchange account to connect and trade from the service.

How can I delete an exchange account?

  1. Go to My exchange account from the user icon:

  2. Scroll to the account you want to delete and select 'Settings':


  3. Click Delete Exchange at the bottom of the page:


If you meet any other issues, please contact us by using the 'Help' widget on the right side of any Zignaly page.

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