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The New Device Code is a six-digit code that we will send to your email when a new device is detected while signing into your account.

We will also send this code if you log in via a different IP address. Some users might have dynamic IP settings, you can track it at If a VPN is used, it will be frequently requested.

This is not to be confused with your Sign-in 2FA code.

We added this security to directly prevent any account breach done by a phishing attack. The attacker could intercept a client’s sign-in details obtained from other platforms and re-use this information in an attempt to sign in from the attacker’s device.

This code is an added layer of security to protect you against phishing attacks.

When you sign in, you may see a screen asking to 'confirm new device'. The code will be sent to your email to authorize your device.


If you are having trouble getting past the device authorization page, be certain you are using the code that we sent to your email. Do not use your Sign-in 2FA, this is a separate security code and not specific to the device that you are using to access Zignaly.

  • You won't receive a new email login code if you log in to the same device. Thus, you should check if the requested code is NOT 2 Factor Authentication code.

  • You should use the latest verification email code. Sometimes we can miss the newest email when using mobile phones.

  • If you don’t see the email in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder and search your mail folders for our email address: [email protected].

  • If you ever "marked us as spam" or "blackmailed us", please Contact Support so we can fix the issue, and allow you to start receiving new codes. Alternatively, you can look into any previous Zignaly emails and go to the bottom of the message, you will find something like this:


    Click on the link "let us know" and if you are unsubscribed, please subscribe again and try to get the code one more time.

Click here for more information regarding the security of your Zignaly account.

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