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Zignaly Spot Exchange Account - Convert function
Zignaly Spot Exchange Account - Convert function
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Convert Coins to any quotes for the available pairs in Binance Spot.

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What is the Convert function?

Our Developers listen to your voices and created ✨​ One-Click Convert functionality✨​ for easy swap between different cryptocurrencies. Now you can deposit whatever coins you want and still be able to connect to most of the Profit Sharing Services! 😎​

How to convert your coins

You need to have a Zignaly Exchange Spot account (this function is not available for Futures accounts).

Go to Dashboard → Balance → Coins.


Then scroll down the page and you will see the convert button:


Click on Convert and then fill in the amount and destination coin:


It will show you the estimated amount that you are going to receive on the destination coin. You can click on Convert and it will process the transaction.

FAQs ↓

  • What are the prices we are converting from, are their fees added on this?
    This is a market order, meaning that the current price will be taken to convert one currency to another. Exchange fees will be normal Binance trading fees.

  • What is the minimum amount to convert my coins?

    You can see the minimum amount here: Binance spot trading rules

  • What if I want to convert a small number of coins (dust)?

    Yes, you can convert any small value (Dust) to BNB from this article: Convert

Video Tutorial

That's it! Feel free to reach us if you have any questions 😄

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