Zignaly Exchange Account - Orders Contracts & Import Coins

Orders & Contracts

To view open orders or futures contracts on your Zignaly Exchange account
go to ‘My exchange account

Once in your Zignaly exchange account select Orders:

Here you can view or cancel two types of orders:

  1. Spot position with open orders on it

    If you select the cancel icon, this will cancel the open orders on these coins

    You can now import these coins into a position using the trading terminal and selecting “Import from Exchange’ under entry strategy (see below)

  2. Futures Contracts

If you cancel a futures contract it will end the contract and exit at the current market price

To import the contract into a new position, you will have to cancel the pending orders on it,

Take note of the info from the contract, (your entry price & remaining amount) to then import this into a new position.

Proceed to the Trading Terminal & select ‘Import from Exchange’ as your entry strategy (see below)

Import From Exchange

If you have canceled an open position from a Copytrader
you will need to use the Trading Terminal to Import these coins into a position.

Please note: if you have a canceled position that has orders attached to it
(rebuy, limit orders, ect, or if its a futures contract) you will need to also cancel these orders on your exchange account before importing these coins on the trading terminal >see above

  1. View the details of this canceled position on your dashboard in Logs
    or from your ‘Orders’ view in your exchange account Keep note of your entry price & remaining amount

  2. Go to the Trading Terminal & select the pair.

    • Select the quote currency you would like use for the position you are going to open
      example EOS/USDT, EOS/BTC

    • Select ‘Import from Exchange’

    • Enter your Entry Price into ‘Price’

    • Enter your available amount in Units

    • Click Open Position

    This will open these coins into a new position

  3. Now you can simply sell to Market price in the Quote currency you have selected by clicking the exit icon
    Or you can choose to create a new exit strategy for these coins
    (Take profit, Stop-Loss..)

Once entered, click ‘update position

Your new positions will be seen as an open on your dashboard.

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