Withdraw from your Zignaly Exchange Account

If you already have a funded Zignaly exchange account, you may want to transfer from one Zignaly exchange account to another:

NOTE: This is the withdrawal process from Zignaly exchange account to an external wallet.
If you want to "withdraw" funds from a Profit-sharing service, please disconnect from the service and visit this article to understand the process of transferring your allocated balance.

Send your funds to your crypto wallet:

To withdraw funds from your Zignaly Exchange Account, first of all
select ‘My Exchange Accounts and click on the Withdraw button.

  1. Select the coin you wish to withdraw from Zignaly.

  2. Make sure you have the correct network selected for this coin. Now proceed to your previously established wallet or exchange account. Follow their guidelines to deposit into that account and copy the address for the specific coin.

    *Best to keep both tabs open
    Using Binance as an example: Log in on Binance, click wallet> spot> deposit:

  3. Paste the address from your exchange account wallet or another crypto wallet into the Zignaly form: under field: Recipient (coin) Address

  4. Enter the amount of this coin to withdraw.

  5. After double-checking that all of the fields are correct, select the Withdraw button

Attention: If you find your withdrawal ends in Error, please check if you have enough funds to withdraw. If you do, please re-try the withdrawal process in the next 3 hours.

Internal transfer on Zignaly

You can easily transfer funds from one Zignaly Exchange Account into another using the "Transfer" tab.

Just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Select the exchange you want to do a withdraw from

  2. Select the exchange to deposit into

  3. Click on 'Coin' and select the coin you want to withdraw and type the amount desired

  4. Click on 'Transfer'

And that's it! Internal transfers are free and fast to use.


Here you can see all the transactions between your Zignaly Exchanges account. You can also see the transactions from Profit Sharing account.

Attention: Only transfer USDT, BNB or BUSD into futures accounts

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