In your exchange account settings, there are options to customize your strategy. It will apply to your manual and Signal Provider's positions.
This does not apply to Copytrading or Profit-sharing positions.



(note: you can read these again by placing your mouse over question mark icons)

Global Max Concurrent Positions:

With this option, you can limit the number of positions you want to open. It is only for manual and Signal Provider ones. It will only take into account the number of positions, but will not limit the amount that is open on each pair. For this, we will see another option a little later.


To activate it you only have to activate this option and enter the number you want to set as the maximum.

Global Minimum Volume:

This option allows you to filter out markets that do not have a lot of daily volumes or low liquidity.


By activating this, any pairs with 24hr hours trading volume that can meet the condition will be opened. Please note that the measurement value is in BTC.

Global Limit Positions per Market:

In this option, you can limit the number of simultaneous positions you want to have for the same pair. This will apply to all positions, regardless of which Signal Provider has sent the signal.


It means if you have a pair BTC/USDT opening, you cannot receive another position with this pair. If the next position is ETH/USDT, it still works.

Global Blacklist:

Here, as the name suggests, we can create a Blacklist. In this way, we will avoid opening positions with the pairs that are in it.


Like the above setting, it means your exchange will ignore all positions with those pairs

Global Whitelist:

In the case of Global Whitelist, it is the opposite. If you add pairs to this list, you only receive position pairs in the list.


For example, if we add BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT, we will only open positions of these two pairs.

Avoid open positions for delisted coins:

If we select this option, we will avoid opening positions for delisted pairs.


This won't apply if a delisted position opens before the exchange communicates this. These options are individual for each of the exchanges we create.

These options only apply to manual positions or from positions from Signal Providers. In the cases of Copytrading and Profit-sharing, the trader (service owner) decides and manages the strategy. These settings do not apply to those services.

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