Zignaly plays a role as a 3rd party between the traders and the followers, allowing the former to share their strategies with thousands of users in exchange for a commission. In this way, everyone wins.

But if Zignaly is a free platform, where does it earn income? Is it sustainable?

Zignaly obtains revenues from two sources:

The first is a commission of 5% of all the benefits obtained by users who use Profit Sharing.

For example, if a provider charges a commission of 25% on the benefits obtained with the Profit Sharing strategy, Zignaly keeps 5%, and the other 20% corresponds to the trader.

For the Profit Sharing service to have been possible, it was necessary to use the Broker Program offered by Binance.

This allows us to create sub-accounts and manage them through APIs so that the distribution of benefits is possible automatically and safely, in addition to improves the quality of service.This also represents revenue for us, specifically up to 60% (In the best of scenarios) of the commissions generated by the volume of our users, as well as incentives if we are one of the best brokers in the Binance program.Therefore, Zignaly can remain a free platform for all users and be completely sustainable over time.

If you would like to learn more about the Binance Broker Program, please read this article that contains more information: Binance Broker Program

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